Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Personalised Assignments

 Week 1. Female Body Proportion

I found that I often had trouble getting proportions right on female characters and so I decided that for this assignment I would work on this. After some trial and error and use of reference this is what I came up with. I am generally happy with the results. The character was meant to be holding guns, however, I found these difficult to do and they didn't match the character due to a lack of detail and so i decided to take them out.

Week 2. Shadows and Lighting

Although I find that I am already good at lighting and composition, I wanted to get a better understanding of how this works and how use this in order to create depth in a scene. I also wanted to find a way to create realistic looking skin shades under a coloured light. I found that it is sometimes better not to use black and greys when shading, or a darker tone of the original colour.

Week 3. Realistic eyes

I noticed that alot of the time, the eyes on the characters I have drawn look very 'anime'. I wanted to get away from this and so decided to practice drawing, shading and colouring eyes that appeared to be more real.

Week 4. Monsters

The majority of my monsters look quite similar so I tried to differentiate with this one. I was going for a more tribal feel with one, hence the mask, but while I think it is a successful painting and I like it, I don't feel that it has quite accomplished what I was going for. I will be sure to practice with monster characters in the future and hopefully find news ways to be creative with them.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


My main issue with this is that the smoke looks too solid against the dark background. Perhaps a lighter background would have solved this problem, but then I think the character might have looked out of place as the shading on him is so dark. What might also have inproved it is if I didn't have the lines over the smoke and just on the character.

Other than this I am generally happy with the result.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Cyborg Dude - Tutorial Brief

For this brief I tried to replicate an image created by the artist using the techniques he used in the tutorial. Whilst I think I may have gotten a better understanding of his techniques, I don't feel that I've put them to use as well as he did. Even so, I am mostly happy with the final result.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Robot Design

Mood Board

Here is a mood board of robot I put together as inspiration for this image.

Idea's / Development
Next are some idea's for my robot. I decided that my robot would be a domestic one, or at least something the average citezen might want to own. For this reason, I decided to go with a simpler design, rather than a big, complicated robot and concentrate more on character rather than trying to impress with complicated structures. This way the average person will feel more connected to the robot and therefore be happy to welcome it into their home.

For my robot to show character, much like the robot from the disney movie Wall-e, I would find a simple but effective way to express emotion. This gave me idea for the eye with the heart symbol that can been found on all these designs, other than one which just has the symbol.

3D Model

Here is a 3D model of my robot. Whilst I think it works well, I felt that I would be able to do better with a drawing.

Final Drawing

Here is my Final drawing for the robot. I changed the bottom of it so that it would float, making it easier for it to maneuver around obstacles. The robot can be used for many functions, but it's main one is entertainment. It can dance and even has an antenna which inherently picks up radio channels, but can also be used for other purposes on command.

This robot would be most commonly used domestically, but may also be a good asset in the work place or even the military.

In the end I got rid of the symbol and just had a dot for the eye as I felt it would be easier to communicate emotion just by changing it's shape, rather than coming up with a different symbol for each emotion the robot might need to express.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Handy Man

Surrealism brief

Mood Board

Here's my mood board.

Ideas / Sketches

Here are some sketches of ideas that I had for this assignment

Final Sketch

Here's the original line art for this picture. the concept was basically a man with hands to replace his head and legs.

Final Sketch/Colour

Here i have added colour and shading to my drawing. At this point I am mostly happy with the outcome but it could still do with some more activity in the scene.

Final Image

Finally I added a background and several other figures into the picture as i felt it was lacking colour. There is no particular significance to the flying pandas; their involvement was a random decision that i used in order to brighten up the scene and make it seem even stranger. This was also the case for the smiling sun.