Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Personalised Assignments

 Week 1. Female Body Proportion

I found that I often had trouble getting proportions right on female characters and so I decided that for this assignment I would work on this. After some trial and error and use of reference this is what I came up with. I am generally happy with the results. The character was meant to be holding guns, however, I found these difficult to do and they didn't match the character due to a lack of detail and so i decided to take them out.

Week 2. Shadows and Lighting

Although I find that I am already good at lighting and composition, I wanted to get a better understanding of how this works and how use this in order to create depth in a scene. I also wanted to find a way to create realistic looking skin shades under a coloured light. I found that it is sometimes better not to use black and greys when shading, or a darker tone of the original colour.

Week 3. Realistic eyes

I noticed that alot of the time, the eyes on the characters I have drawn look very 'anime'. I wanted to get away from this and so decided to practice drawing, shading and colouring eyes that appeared to be more real.

Week 4. Monsters

The majority of my monsters look quite similar so I tried to differentiate with this one. I was going for a more tribal feel with one, hence the mask, but while I think it is a successful painting and I like it, I don't feel that it has quite accomplished what I was going for. I will be sure to practice with monster characters in the future and hopefully find news ways to be creative with them.

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