Sunday, 27 November 2011

Wrinkles Assignment


Referencing wrinkles.


Here I have been developing ideas and concepts for the final character.

Design Process

The stages that I took in designing the character.

Final Design / Designs

Couldn't decide on a colour to go with in the end, as I feel they both work just as well as each other.


  1. lol, yeah... might do another one...

  2. Nice. Some value issues though: As it stands you're using the same level of shadow and highlight for most of your creases, which doesn't really describe the forms and flattens everything out a bit.

    A few examples: the creases on his cheek should start off with a higher value range at th etop nearest the light source and get darker with more cast shadow as you move around towards his mouth. And the top of his ear needs to catch the light to move it away from his skull, as it stands it reads as a hole in his head till you get to the lobe/pointy bit.

    Hope that's helpful :)